Nelofar Husain

Nelofar Husain Currimbhoy has been deeply involved with women’s empowerment for over a decade now. Ever since she was initiated into actively working on social causes by Ms Jetsan Pema, sister of his Holiness The Dalai Lama. Nelofar has not stopped striving to make lives better. Her work has been consistent and sincere. She was consistent and sincere. She was instrumental in conducting vocational training of girls, For the Habitat Learning centre in Delhi and their associate NGOs. Today Nelofar runs a centre where she empowers daughters of factory workers in vocational courses in slum areas. She also conducts training at Naz foundation, Lepra India centre ( deaf and dumb), Saverango( for all slum), Vidhya school NGO in Delhi and Bangalore( for slum),SOS Tibetans from village in Dehradun.

Nelofar Currimbhoy is a president of the Shahnaz Husain group India’s iconic company that pioneered the resurgence of Ayurveda. With a mother who has been an inspiration. Nelofar has carried forward the quest to rediscover Ayurveda and with her special interest in Research and development, she has successfully created the company’s best sellers.

Nelofar is a prolific writer published by Hachette and had the honour of having her book release at Jaipur literature festival in…..’Flame’ The story of mother Shahnaz Husain has been widely appreciated and The book Eyes of healer is an In 2003 Mrs Nelofar Currimbhoy started beauty world diploma for Tibetan SOS vocational centre at Dehradun under the patrons of Dalai lama.