Shahnaz husain shafair ayurvedic fairness soap 100gms x 4

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Shafair Ayurvedic Fairness Soap - 100gms X 4
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This Ayurvedic fairness soap is the best fairness soap in India, which is designed to provide deep pore cleansing and a scrubbing effect on the skin. As an Ayurvedic soap, it contains natural ingredients like turmeric, saffron, lemon, arishtak, cucumber seeds, honey and oats, with a gentle dermabrasive action on the skin. Enriched with natural moisturizers, the Ayurvedic fairness soap leaves the skin cleaner, brighter and visibly fairer, making it appear soft, radiant and youthful.


INGREDIENTS: Nariyal tel, Arandi Tel, Yashad Bhasam, Kheea Beej ext, Arishtak ext, Gulab ark, Nimbu Patra ext, Honey, Haldi ext, Kesar ext, Abhrak, Base q.s. to make it 100%.

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