Shahnaz husain shasmooth plus

Almond Under-Eye Cream
Ayurvedic Medicine (For external use only)
Shahnaz husain Shasmooth Plus - Almond Under Eye Cream - 40 Gm
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Shahnaz husain Shasmooth Plus - Almond Under Eye Cream - 500 Gm
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INDICATIONS: A unique time-tested formulation to rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes, restoring its good health. Precious botanical extracts of fennel, almound, carrot seed, neem and chironji have been blended with Vitamin-E to minimize dark circles and brighten the skin. It smoothes away, tiny lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin bright and healthy.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply around eyes at night, after cleansing. Remove with moist cotton wool after 10 minutes. May be applied on lips and left on overnight.

INGREDIENTS:  Fennel Distillate, Badam Tel, Gajar Beej Ext, Neem Distillate, Chirongi Tel, Mom, Tankana, Base q s to make it 100%

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