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    Shahnaz husain Flower Botanics - Hollyhock-Saffron Rejuvenating Mask - 100 gm
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Shahnaz Husain Flower Botanics

From Nature's paradise of exotic flora comes Shahnaz Husain's innovative Flower Botanic Range of formulations for skin and hair care. Based on our ancient Ayurvedic traditions and combined with advanced techniques, the formulations contain floral and herbal extracts, essential oils and natural substances, known for their beauty enhancing properties. Flowers, with their subtle aromas, not only nourish, protect and restore natural beauty, but the fragrances of their essential oils have calming, relaxing and refreshing effects on body and mind.

The ultimate in beauty care and offering a new level of botanical energy, the formulations contain delicate blends of floral extracts of jasmine, lotus, hibiscus, carnation, white water lily, sunflower, poppy and lavender, perfectly combined with extracts like saffron and thyme. The range comprises of face wash, moisturizer, day cream, nourishing cream, face mask, hair styling gel, hair conditioning lotion and packs.

As leaders in product innovation, the Shahnaz Husain Group has evolved nearly 375 formulations for skin, hair and body care using organic ingredients. Honoured with the most prestigious international awards for Quality Excellence, the Shahnaz Husain brand name has gone from strength to strength over the last four decades. It has faced the most exacting test of all.... the Test of Time.