Shahnaz husain hair loss treatment for women

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Products Included - 

ShaTone Plus 200 ML

Shamla Plus 200 ML

Anti Hair Fall Serum 40 ML

ShaOint Plus 25 Gm

Tulsi Neem Face Wash 50 Gm (Free with this product worth Rs 135.)

All products have their own separate packaging.

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product description

Containing plant ingredients that are known for their powerful healing properties, the products restore health to the hair. They help to control hair loss and promote hair growth. They have specific anti-dandruff properties too.

Products: ShaTone Plus, Shamla Plus, Anti Hair Fall Serum, ShaOint Plus.

How to Use the Hair Loss Treatment Women: Apply Shatone non-oily herbal hair tonic daily on scalp with cotton wool. Leave on. Wash hair with Shamla. Wet hair. Apply on hair and work up lather. Rinse off. After shampoo, take 4 to 5 drops of Anti Hair Fall Serum on palm and massage lightly into the hair. Then, comb the hair, so that is spreads through the hair. Once a week, mix half teaspoon Shaoint with egg white and apply on scalp once a week. Keep it on for one hour and wash hair.

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