The normal facial comprising of Cleansing, Toning, Massage (both manual and/or with gadgets), Mask and Protection (use of protective coverage) helps to maintain the youth and natural beauty of the skin. All areas of the face and neck are treated, according to specific needs. Different strokes, movements, directions and pressure are applied to different areas. It helps to improve blood circulation, induce relaxation and delay ageing. The products used for the normal facial have grown out of clinical usage over the last three decades and are ideal for protecting, preventing and enhancing beauty.

Products Required: Shacleanse, Shalife, Sharose, Plant Protein Revitalizing Mask, Shasmooth, Shaclove, Shabase, Shamoist.

Procedure: Cleanse face with Shacleanse, applying it on the face with a gentle massage and wiping off with moist cotton wool. Apply Shalife on face and neck and massage for 15 minutes, using a little cold water to facilitate the massage. Give vibratory massage for 5 minutes. Extract blackheads / whiteheads, if required. Give cold compress with chilled Sharose. Apply Plant Protein Revitalizing Mask. When it dries, wash off with plain water. Apply Shaclove Mask for 10 minutes and wipe off with moist cotton wool. If the skin is sensitive, avoid Plant Protein Revitalizing Mask and only apply Shaclove. Apply protective cover with Shabase mixed with Shamoist.