Shahnaz husain skin clarifying tonic

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Sking Treatment Location
Previously known as Shableach

Available in 200 ML Pack.
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Based on Ayurveda, it is specially designed to minimize blemishes and remove tan.


  • It contains precious plant extracts, like carrot seed, neem, lemon and orange peels, vetiver, cucumber and rose water.
  • Makes the skin appear clear and radiant.

Method of Use: Mix 5 drops of SKIN CLARIFYING TONIC (or 2 tsp. SHAMINT if sensitive skin), 4 tsp. SHAFACE, 2 tsp. SHAFRESH, 1 tsp. Honey, 1 egg (use egg white for oily skin and egg yolk for dry skins), 1 tsp. Yoghurt. Apply the paste all over face and neck, avoiding lips and area around eyes. When it dries, wash off, preferably with milk and then water. Keep remaining mixture in refrigerator and use next day. Add yoghurt to soften. Can be used daily for oily and dry skins

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