Shahnaz husain Vegpeel - Herbal Dermabrasive Treatment Powder - 350 Gms

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Shahnaz Husain Professional Power Exfoliating Dermabrasive Powder also known as VEGPEEL is a powerful blend of plant ingredients which is specially designed to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It softens the dead cells and helps in their removal. It improves the skin texture and leaves it looking smooth, bright and radiant.
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product description
  • Vegpeel is a unique preparation specially developed for scars, freckles, blemishes and blackheads 
  • Designed to deep cleanse the skin. 
  • Improves skin texture 
  • Leaves the skin looking smooth, bright and radiant 
  • Net wt. 350 gm 
  • Colour -- White 
  • Texture of the product --- Powder form
Vrihi, Khameer, Mehndi, Almond Khal, Yashad Bhasm, Abhrak, Babul Gond, Sudh Gairika
how to use
Take 3 teaspoons exfoliating Dermabrasive powder or Vegpeel and mix it with one egg or yogurt and a little milk into a paste. Apply on the face, avoiding lips and area around eyes. When it dries, moisten with milk and rub gently on the skin with small circular movements, first clockwise and then anticlockwise, for 2 to 3 minutes. Wash off with water.
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